Left of My Sanity Matches

Chez Gangé

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Chez Gangé - Left of My Sanity Matches

Feeling a little crazed? We get it. Here's a physical representation of your dwindling sanity, take out a match, light it up and find some solace in the soothing flicker of these little fire-starters.

  • 1.84 x 4.75, 1.8oz Glass Bottle with Gold Lid contains
  • 40qty Wooden Matches
  • Striker on Side of Bottle for easy strike and light

At Chez Gagné, we believe if you can't make it nice, make it funny. We've been strategically placing f-bombs since 2014. Loved by millennials and their parents, Chez Gagné has morphed from a funny greeting card company into a modern lifestyle gift brand.