Cosmic Care

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Cosmic Care: An Intergalactic Guide to Finding Your Glow

By Robin Eisenberg

Find gravitational stability and embrace your natural radiance with this intergalactic guide to self-care.

Cosmic Care brings readers on a dreamy journey through space to reveal tips that will help them unlock their inner glow.

Featuring the visionary art and signature style of Robin Eisenberg, Cosmic Care is an escape into a vivid, immersive universe that’s simultaneously familiar, relatable, and out of this world.

Filled with vibrant illustrations and never-before-seen art, Cosmic Care offers feel-good advice to relax, find peace, stop and smell the bioluminescent flora, and bring out your stellar luminosity.

  • Pairs bite-size pieces of advice with vibrant illustrations
  • Blends the earthly and the extraterrestrial
  • Offers a unique take on traditional self-care

The formation of a star begins with gravitational instability, but with a little cosmic care, it evolves into a luminous celestial object—and you can, too.