Variety 7+1 Mask and Exfoliating Pad Set


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LAPCOS - 7+1 Mask and Exfoliating Pad Set

Treat your skin to a week's worth of rejuvenating benefits with this set of seven  single-use sheet masks.  Developed by Korean skincare experts, these masks allow you to cater to your skin's individual needs on any given day.  With a Milk Feel Cleansing & Exfoliating Pad to prime your skin for ultimate ingredient absorption, consider your skin covered from morning to night.

Pearl: Pearl extract brightens the skin and revitalizes dark spots

Milk: Milk extract moisturizes and exfoliates dead skin

Honey: Honey extract provides a velvety touch and a boost of elasticity

Charcoal: Charcoal powder extracts toxins and tightens pores

Aloe: Aloe leaf and cucumber extract moisturize and soothe stressed-out skin

Aqua: Seawater and plankton extract revitalize and hydrate rough or tired complexions

Collagen: Hydrolyzed collagen and peptides promote plumpness and diminish roughness